Cryptic species and how they are monitored in New Zealand

Laura was recently featured in Issue 4 of 1964 magazine in an article about cryptic species and how they are monitored in New Zealand.

“I think one of the key things about the work for Atarau is that it used to be super labour-intensive, but not any longer. The special software that’s now available and in the pipeline has made it possible to dig all the information out of recordings without listening to it minute by minute. When the hardware became available (the actual automated recorders), people were really excited and started gathering piles and piles of recordings. And then the reality set in that it we didn’t have software that could turn those recordings into information. The software is finally catching up with the hardware. I couldn’t have done sound analysis work I did in 2017 three years before that, and I couldn’t have done the work I’m doing now in 2017. It’s rocketing along that quickly.”


Other featured scientists discussed how they monitor common dolphins, gecko and  a silvanid beetle, Protodendrophagus antipodes. If you’re in the Queenstown Lakes, you can get a copy of this free magazine at lots of locations. Otherwise there’s a subscribe button on their website.

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