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Are you new to the world of bird song and machine learning? We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get started and demystify the work we do.

Bird song

Article on how and why birds sing

An introduction to bird song

This article, created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is a great starting point to learn more about bird song and how and why birds sing.

Screenshot of All about bird song

Bird song interactive

Do you prefer something more visual? Check out this interactive on bird song, also developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Screenshot of bird song hero

Bird song hero

New to spectrograms? The interactive below will help you understand how spectrograms work and how you can use them to get better at identifying songbirds. You can also look at our spectrograms of roroa, weka, and ruru calls or take a quiz to test your new skills!

Machine learning and deep learning

Neural networks and deep learning

3blue1brown created a great set of resources on neural networks and deep learning. The resources are available both as a set of videos and as a set of articles. Be sure to check the links in the video descriptions if you’d like to go more in depth.

But what is a neural network?

What are the neurons, why are there layers, and what is the math underlying it?

Gradient descent, how neural networks learn

How gradient descent works in the context of neural networks.

What is backpropagation really doing?

What’s actually happening to a neural network as it learns?

Backpropagation calculus

The math of backpropagation, the algorithm behind how neural networks learn.

Learning to see and neural networks demystified

A great set of resources by Welch Labs on machine learning and neural networks.

Learning to see

This series explores the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence through one example from the field of computer vision: using a decision tree to count the number of fingers in an image.

Neural Networks Demystified

This series show how to build and train a complete Artificial Neural Network using python.

More on neural networks

Keen to know more? Check out the resources below.

Screenshot of introduction to graph neural networks

A gentle introduction to graph neural networks

Neural networks have been adapted to take advantage of the structure and properties of graphs. This article explores the components needed for building a graph neural network – and explains the motivations behind their design choices.

Screenshot of understanding convolution on graphs

Understanding convolutions on graphs

Understanding the building blocks and design choices of graph neural networks.

Screenshot of visualising neural networks

Visualizing neural networks

See and view the process and the results of neural networks at work.

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