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Say ‘Hi’ to George

George graduated from the sanctuary to the wild on 14 February 2021. He wandered around a bit after his release, but seems to be doing well and gaining weight.  George was the last chick of the 2019/2020 season. When he arrived at the crèche, Royal and Najima (two larger and older chicks) enjoyed eating his food. After Royal and Najima got big enough to release to the wild, George had the crèche to himself, but still took awhile to get himself up to weight. He also had a stay back at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in September 2020, to check on his health because he’d been eating a lot of stones. (Kiwi swallow small stones to help them grind their food, but too many is not good!) While we miss seeing George get up close and personal with our trail cameras in the crèche, we’re thrilled that he’s out in the wild and doing well.

Hatch Date: Unconfirmed
Sex: Male
Parents: Tawhai and Tui
Currently lives: in the wild

Hear George’s

unique call.

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