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Kaimata graduated from Willowbank to the créche on 14 February 2020. Kaimata’s wild roroa parents are Tawhai and Tui, who live near Blackball.

Hatched: 1 November 2020
Sex: Unconfirmed
Species: Roroa/Great Spotted Kiwi


In this video it’s Tuesday and you can see the internal pip, the kiwi beak starting to break through.


It’s Wednesday of hatch week and you can see the movement inside.


In this video it’s Thursday afternoon and you can see the movement. The lines on the egg are to show what’s happening with the air pocket.

4 pip is external now


It’s Friday of hatch week and you can see the pip is external now, the kiwi is pecking their way out.

5 veins around the kiwi thinning out


It’s Saturday and you can see the veins around the kiwi thinning out.
heating up


It’s Sunday and things are heating up!
welcome kiwi

Still Sunday

It’s Sunday and welcome to the world.
8 littlest kiwi


It’s Monday and here’s our littlest kiwi.
Laura and Beth

Monitoring our littlest roroa

Monitoring our littlest roroa. Bethany Brett and Laura Molles catching up to change some recorders, and for a health check on the littlest roroa at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Bethany checks
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laura putting up a recorder for bioacoustic monitoring

Cryptic species and how they are monitored

Cryptic species and how they are monitored in New Zealand Laura was recently featured in Issue 4 of 1964 magazine in an article about cryptic species and how they are
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Kiwi Chick

New Kiwi Chick!

We’re so excited to be able to welcome this little roroa to Atarau Sanctuary. Born at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, they’ll be transferred to the creche when their weight and health allows them to take the next step towards living in the wild.
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Dr Laura Molles features on CNN about bird dialects

Dr Laura Molles, the behavioural ecologist leading our passive acoustic monitoring project, was recently featured on CNN talking about bird dialects.
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