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Potter and Ruby

Crèche graduate Ruby was released to the wild in 2012. She paired up with a wild male, Potter, and they share a large territory near Blackball. The Paparoa Wildlife Trust (PWT) monitors their nesting attempts, and Atarau Sanctuary researchers run autonomous recorders on their territory to listen in on their calls. We can recognise both Potter and Ruby by their unique calls.

The PWT’s kiwi ranger places cameras near nesting burrows with great care to avoid disturbing the incubating bird (usually the male during the day). Video footage from nests is provided by PWT and is posted here with their permission. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about their amazing conservation work in the Paparoas!

Hatch Date: Unknown
Sex: Male
Parents: Unknown
Released to wild: n/a

Hatch Date: 10 November 2010
Sex: Female
Parents: Father – Davey, Mother – Unknown
Released to wild: 16 January 2012

We have been running automated acoustic recorders on Tuke and Fern’s territory since the middle of 2020. Our deep learning algorithm has learned to recognise their calls. You can view a map that shows the general area they call in, and listen to their individually-unique songs, by exploring our roroa visualisation tools.

See Potter and Ruby's range

Hear Potter and Ruby's unique calls

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