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Talkative Tekimoka

Tekimoka is the first ONE chick from Santa Rosa (dad) and Koromiko (mum) who live near Roa. Tekimoka’s hatch weight was 318 grams, which increased to 820 grams by their release into the crèche on 2 March 2021. Tekimoka is an extra-chatty roroa! Willowbank keepers noticed this even before Tekimoka hatched! Tekimoka and Kaimata, the two older chicks in the crèche, have lots of interesting interactions. Sometimes these interactions look aggressive on video, but the two also often snuggle up together in a shared burrow during the day.

Hatch Date: 12 December 2020
Sex: Unconfirmed
Parents: Santa Rosa and Koromiko
Currently lives: in the crèche

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