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Young Tuhuru waking up and getting ready to start his night!

Atarau Sanctuary: working to protect our native plants
and animals, starting with great spotted kiwi/roroa.

See what our kiwi have been up to!

Sneak a peek at their latest activities…


A quick shake in the rain. More about George…


In and out. More about Tarn…


Digging in. More about Royal…


Up close and personal. More about Najima…


Waking up. More about Tuhuru…
1 day old chick


Our first chick for 2020! Read more …

About Our Sanctuary

Atarau Sanctuary provides predator-free sanctuary for Paparoa Wildlife Trust’s great spotted kiwi chicks, who are hatched at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and then put in the sanctuary until they are old enough to fend for themselves out in the ranges.
Image shows acoustic recorders being attached to a tree in the field.

Bioacoustic Monitoring

While kiwi are in our care, we observe and listen to them through passive bioacoustic monitoring to learn as much as we can.

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